Norwegian Dugnad

They will send you letters

To ask you to clean the street and the park nearby

Or paint the apartment block

Or at work to assemble new furniture and change the decoration

Do it

It is called a DUGNAD

Manual work provides a frame and a reason to  socialize


You may even be invited for dinner afterwards


If you receive a letter with the word Dugnad

It is not really voluntary participation

You kind of need to do it

Actually not many Norwegians like the Dugnad 

But everyone does it 

Otherwise you may get rejected by your neighbors 

Just do it

Norwegians will love you

And you may make friends with them

GENERAL TIPS: Take part in activities with a purpose and you will be successful socially in Norway.

Enjoy Norway!

The Social Guidebook to Norway takes you through a Norwegian adventure

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15 000 Norwegians and some lucky foreigners got one


Here is the author

He holds lectures on the Norwegian and Swedish cultures

You can find him on TED and at Seminarpartner

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