Norwegian Gentleman

Source: "The Social Guidebook to Norway"

In many countries around the world

Guys pay for girls

It is common

Sometimes the guys do not even know the girls

They just offer them a drink

To be nice

To open a dialogue

To let the girl know that they find her attractive


Sometimes the guy knows the girl

He wants to shows his appreciation

His interest

He wants to be a gentleman


Girls around the world may expect this behaviour

And be thankful for it

In Norway

it works differently

Men are also gentlemen

In what it means to be gentleman in Norway

A Norwegian man does not want the girl to feel like she owes something back

He wants her to feel comfortable

He wants her to feel like she can leave at any moment

He wants her to feel free

He wants things to be equal

It is not about a lack of manner

Women and men work in Norway

It is about genders being equal

It is also about relationships being equal

Friends will often pay each for themselves when going out

Even if they are good friends

Over a long period of time

Independence, equality and the possibility to escape 

Is central to Friendships and Relationships

In Norway

This is what my new book is about

Norwegian Friendships and Relationships




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