The Team

Julien S. Bourrelle - Founder

I believe that internationalization is not merely about creating diversity, it is about benefiting from diversity. Integration starts with mutual understanding, it is primordial that foreigners be provided with adequate tools to understand and connect with their host society. 

Julien founded MONDÅ in 2013 with a vision to improve competitiveness of Norwegian business. He increases return by helping Norwegians enterprises better benefit from their multicultural working environements and perform better abroad. He authored the book series "The Social Guidebook to Norway" and is one of Norway's best know public speaker focusing on intercultural interactions.

More information on Julien's lecture here.

Julien holds a MSc. in astronautic engineering. He came to Norway in 2009 to write a doctorate at NTNU.  He speaks four languages and went through the process of integrating into different societies five times. Julien describes his adaptation to Norway as “the most challenging cultural experience of his life“. The Norwegian cultural challenge pushed him forward. He was the first foreigner to sit on NTNU's Board of Directors, has been active in national committees focused on internationalization and he was handed the TOP 10 award by HRH Crown Prince Haakon - an award giving to an outstanding international role model in the Norwegian working and social life.   

Through the Mondå project, Julien continues to help improve competitiveness of business in Norway and provides tools for foreigners to better understand how to interact within the Norwegians society. 




Marius Svenungsen - Forlagsjef (CEO) and Co-owner

Marius took his role as CEO in June 2016 after working within Mondå for two years with logistic and process optimization surrounding the establishment of the publishing house and the market introduction of "The Social Guidebook to Norway". Thanks to his work, the Mondå Forlag experience a great start and has been profitable since the first year and every year since than.

Marius is also a Mechanical Engineer and will receive is Siv. Ing. degree from NTNU in 2017. Marius is Norwegian, from Kongsberg and has a passion for entrepreneurship. He led Start NTNU and went on exchange at UC Berkley.



Thomas Bergflødt - Sales and Marketing

Thomas has been involved informally at Mondå Forlag since the publication of our first book in 2014. He helped with distribution, strategy and provided an outsiders perspective on the development of the company. In 2016, he formally joined the team to improve our reach in the corporate sector and develop an effective sale system. Thomas is finishing his Master's thesis the spring of 2017 within mechanical engineering. 







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