Mondå | By Julien S. Bourrelle

The Social Guidebook to Norway

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These books makes you reflect on how special Norwegians are


"One of the best books ever written on the cultural differences you encounter as new in Norway. A fantastic presentation of Norwegian habits, values and norms illustrated with humorous drawings that make the book both fun and easy to read."

- Kathleen Offman Mathisen, HR director Grieg Seafood ASA

“This is a book providing a roadmap to Norway. It presents Norwegian behaviours in an entertaining and purposeful manner” 

- Birgit Skarstein, Curator of Global Shapers Oslo and World Champion

"I've spent a good part of today reading your latest book - I also read the first - and just want to say how very heartening I found it. I feel as if I understand my woman and her family more completely than I ever have, more completely than she has ever been comfortable communicating to me."

- Billy Campbell, American living in Norway

"The first book introduced elegantly how it is to meet Norwegians, the second brilliantly shows you how to connect with them!”

- Pierre Jansson, CEO Frogner House

“Funny and good insights into the complicated Norwegian culture. Recommended – also for Norwegians!”

- Maria Amelie, journalist and author

“Concise, entertaining and eye-opening. You see your own behaviours from the outside.”

- Erik Villum, Alarga Founder and Chairman